Accept Enrichment Recommendations

You can use the enrichment recommendations to enhance or add information to data.

You can upload or open an existing data set to modify the data using enrichment recommendations. After making the changes to the data set, you can create a project.

If an enrichment recommendation adds information to data such as enhancing a zip code attribute column with the state name, a new column is added to the data set containing the name of the states associated with the zip codes. When you select a recommendation, the change is added to the Preparation Script. If you delete or undo the change, the recommendation is displayed once again as an available option in the Recommendation Panel.

If you don’t apply the Preparation Script and you close the project or the data set, you lose all the data changes you’ve performed.

  1. Navigate to the enrich and transform canvas for your data set.
    1. On the Home page, do one of the following:
      • Select a project, click the Actions menu, and the select Open. Click Prepare from the project Visualize page.
      • Select a data set, click the Actions menu, and then select Open.
  2. Select a column to enrich, then in the Recommendation Panel, select a recommendation to add the change to the Preparation Script.
  3. Continue implementing enrichment recommendations on the data set.
  4. In the Preparation Script Panel, click Apply Script to apply the data changes to the entire data set.
    If you're working with a project, click Save and click Visualize to review the enriched columns.