Add an On-Canvas Filter

You can add a filter directly to the canvas so that users can choose and display the results for some or all of the visualizations on the canvas. This filter is available for attribute columns.

The on-canvas filters that you add are displayed in the Visualize canvas, Narrate canvas, and in presentation mode.
By default the on-canvas filter's values are limited by other filters (canvas, on-canvas, and visualization filters). You can use the Properties pane to modify how the filters interact.
  1. Confirm that you're working on the Visualize canvas.
  2. Go to the Data Panel, locate the attribute that you want to filter on, and drag and drop it to the canvas to create a new visualization.
  3. On the visualization's toolbar, click Change Visualization Type and select List Box.
  4. Optional: Go to the filter's list box Properties pane, click the Filters tab, and specify how you want the on-canvas filter to interact with the canvas and visualization filters and which items on the canvas to apply the filter to.
  5. Optional: Go to the list box's General pane and adjust how you want the filter to display (for example, Title, Label and Align) and how you want it to function (for example, Multi Select and Default Value).