Add Data Labels to a Map

You can include data labels on a map visualization to describe individual data points.

Data labels in maps make the maps clear and informative. Data labels help to highlight specific data points or regions of interest, and users can quickly interpret the visual information presented in the maps.
  1. Open the workbook containing the map visualization, click the Actions menu, and then select Open.
  2. In the map visualization, use the rectangular selection tool and select the data element to use for the label, and then click Menu.
  3. Click Properties, and then in Properties, click Data Layers.
  4. Select and turn on Data Labels.
  5. Configure the data labels.
    • Data Labels Position - Select a position for the label.
    • Columns - Select one or more columns to source the data labels.

      If you select more than one column, turn on the Multi Line property to show the second label in a new line.

    • Allow Overlap - Turn on to show all data labels regardless of the spacing and zoom level.
    • Font - Select the size and color of the data labels.
    • Halo - Select Auto or Custom to add a halo effect to enhance the data label text.

      If you select Custom you can click Halo Color to choose a color for the halo.