Add Multiple Connections to a Dataset

A dataset can include more than one connection. Adding more connections allows you to access and join all of the tables and data that you need to build your dataset.

A dataset can contain a combination of connections and files. See Add a File to a Dataset Created From a Connection.
Most connections are available for you to add. Exceptions include Oracle EPM Cloud, Oracle Essbase, or Google Analytics.
Before you create the dataset, you can check to see if the data source connections you need already exist. See View Available Connections.
If you drag a subject area or analysis to the Join Diagram, then no columns are displayed. You must use the Transform Editor to specify which columns to include in the subject area's dataset table.
  1. On the Home page, click Navigator and then click Data.
  2. Click the Datasets tab.
  3. Locate the dataset that you want to open, click Actions, and then click Open.
  4. In the Connections pane, click Add, and click Add Connection.
  5. In the Add Connection dialog, locate and click a connection to add it to the Connections pane.
  6. In the Connections pane, confirm that the connection you selected was added.
  7. Click Save.