Add a Predictive Model to a Project

When you create a scenario in a project, you apply a predictive model to the project's data set to reveal the trends and patterns that the model was designed to find.

After you add the predictive model to the project and map the model's inputs to the data set's columns, the Data Panel contains the model's objects, which you can drag and drop onto the canvas. Machine learning generates the model's values based on the visualization's corresponding data columns.
  1. In the Home page, click Create and select Project.
    The Add Data Set pane is displayed.
  2. Select the data set that you want to use to create the project and click Add to Project.
  3. In the Data pane, click Add, and select Create Scenario.
  4. In the Create Scenario - Select Model dialog, select a model and click OK.
    If each model input can't be matched to a data element, then the Map Your Data to the Model dialog is displayed.
  5. If the Map Your Data to the Model dialog is displayed, then in the Data Set field, select the data set to use with the model.
  6. Match the model input and data elements as needed. Click Done.
    The scenario is displayed as a data set in the Data Elements pane.
  7. Drag and drop elements from the data set and the data model onto the Visualize canvas.
  8. To adjust the scenario, right-click the scenario in the Data Elements pane and select Edit Scenario.
  9. Change the data set and update the model input and data elements mapping as needed.
  10. Click Save to save the project.