Apply List Filters

List filters are applied to text, non-aggregatable numbers, and dates. After you add a list filter, you can change the selected members that it includes and excludes.

  1. In the Visualize canvas, go to the filter bar and select a filter to view the Selections list.
  2. Locate the member you want to include and click it to add it to the Selections list. Alternatively, use the Search field to find a member you want to add to the filter. Use the wildcards * and ? for searching.
  3. Optional: You can also perform the following steps:
    • In the Selections list click a member to remove it from the list of selections.

    • In the Selections list, you can click the eye icon next to a member to cause it to be filtered out but not removed from the selections list.

    • In the Selections list, you can click the actions icon at the top, and select Exclude Selections to exclude the members in the Selections list.

    • Click Add All or Remove All at the bottom of the filter panel to add or remove all members to or from the Selections list at one time.

  4. Click outside of the filter to close the filter panel.