Apply Range Filters

You use Range filters for data elements that are numeric data types and have an aggregation rule set to something other than none.

Range filters are applied only to measure columns and limits data to a range of contiguous values, such as revenue of $100,000 to $500,000. Alternatively, you can create a range filter that excludes (as opposed to includes) a contiguous range of values. Such exclusive filters limit data to two noncontiguous ranges (for example, revenue of less than $100,000 or greater than $500,000).
  1. In the Visualize canvas, go to the filter bar and click the filter to view the Range list.
  2. In the Range list, click By to view the selected list of Attributes. You can perform any of the following steps:
    • Click a member to remove or add it to the selected list.
    • Click the Plus (+) icon to add a new member to the selected list.
    • Set the range that you want to filter on by moving the sliders in the histogram.
  3. Click outside of the filter to close the filter panel.