Assign a Map Layer to a Data Column

Assign a map layer to a data column to use it consistently in any workbook.

You can assign a map layer to a column that contains text or numeric attributes, for example, columns such as Airport Name, Latitude, and Longitude. When you select a data column with a map layer assignment for a visualization, Oracle Analytics automatically creates a map visualization.

  1. On the Home page, select a workbook, click the Actions menu, and then select Open.
  2. Click Data to go to the Data page.
  3. In the Data Diagram select the dataset that contains the column that you want to prepare and click the dataset's Edit icon.
    If the dataset contains multiple tables, the Dataset editor is displayed and you'll see the Join Diagram with a tab for each table. Select the table that contains the column you want to prepare to open it in the Transform editor.
  4. In the Transform editor, click Options for any numeric or text attribute column, and then click Location Details.
  5. In Location Details, review the associated map layer, change the map layer if you want to, and then click OK.
    The property change is listed as a Change Property step in the Preparation Script pane.
  6. Depending on your dataset, in the Preparation Script pane click Apply Script, or on the toolbar click Save Dataset.
    The updated column displays the location icon indicating that the location preference has been set.
  7. In the Properties panel for the updated column, click the Location icon to verify the map layer associated with the column.
  8. Create a visualization with the data columns for which you have set the location details.
    The visualization type is now automatically set as Map and the map layer is available for the specific columns. You no longer need to set the location details for each visualization.