Build Expression Filters

Using expression filters, you can define more complex filters using SQL expressions. Expression filters can reference zero or more data elements.

For example, you can create the expression filter "Sample Sales"."Base Facts"."Revenue" < "Sample Sales"."Base Facts"."Target Revenue". After applying the filter, you see the items that didn’t achieve their target revenue.

You build expressions using the Expression Builder. You can drag and drop data elements to the Expression Builder and then choose operators to apply. Expressions are validated for you before you apply them.

  1. In the Visualize canvas, hover over the filter bar at the top of the pane and click Menu, then select Add Expression Filter.
  2. In the Expression Filter panel, compose an expression.
  3. In the Label field, give the expression a name.
  4. Click Validate to check if the syntax is correct.
  5. When the expression filter is valid, then click Apply. The expression is applied to the visualizations on the canvas.