Connect to Dropbox

You can create a connection to Dropbox and use the connection to access data.

  1. If needed, set up an application in Dropbox:
    1. In Dropbox, sign into your account, and then go to the Developer’s Area.
    2. Click Create app to create and save an application.
    3. Open the application’s Settings, and copy the App key and App secret. You'll paste in the redirect URL provided by Oracle Analytics later in Step 4.
      Refer to the Dropbox documentation for more information about how to perform these tasks.
  2. On the Data or Home page, click Create, then click Connection to display the Create Connection dialog.
  3. Click Dropbox.
  4. Configure the connection details.
    1. In a separate window, open the Dropbox application at the Settings area. Copy the URL from the Redirect URL field and paste it into the Dropbox application’s OAuth 2 Redirect URIs field and then click Add.
    2. In Client ID, paste in the key value copied from the App key field in the Dropbox application.
    3. In Client Secret, paste in the secret value copied from the App secret field in the Dropbox application.
  5. Click Authorize. When prompted by Dropbox to authorize the connection, click Allow.
    The Create Connection dialog refreshes and displays the name of the Dropbox account and associated email account.
  6. Save the details.
    You can now create data sets from the Dropbox connection.