Create Calculated Data Elements in a Data Set

You can create a new data element (typically a measure) to add to your visualization. For example, you can create a new measure called Profit that uses the Revenue and Discount Amount measures.

The calculated data elements are stored in the data set’s My Calculations folder and not in the project. In a project with a single data set only one My Calculations folder is available and the new calculated data elements are added to it. In a project with multiple data sets My Calculations folder is available for each set of joined and not-joined data sets. Ensure that you’re creating the calculated data elements for the required data set or joined data set. The new calculated data elements are added to the My Calculations folder of the data sets (joined and non-joined) that you create the calculation for.

  1. In the Visualize canvas navigate to the bottom of the Data Panel, right-click My Calculations, and click Add Calculation to open the New Calculation dialog.
  2. Enter a name.
  3. In the expression builder pane, compose and edit an expression. See About Composing Expressions.

    You can drag and drop a column into the expression builder pane only if the column is joined to the data set.

  4. Click Validate.
  5. Click Save.