Create a Connection to Oracle Essbase

You can create a connection to Oracle Essbase 11g and use the connection to access source data.

  1. On the Home page, click Create, and then click Connection.
  2. Click Oracle Essbase.
  3. Enter the connection details.
  4. For DSN (data source name), enter the agent URL for your data source.

    If you want to connect to an Oracle Essbase 11g database, enter the hostname and agent port number on which Oracle Essbase is running. Use the format: hostname:port

    For example:

    The default port is 1423.

    Your Essbase administrator must open agent port 1423 and server ports in the range 30000-34000 to allow the connection.

  5. For Username and Password, enter user credentials with access to the Essbase data source.
  6. Under Authentication, specify how you'd like to authenticate the connection:
    • Always use these credentials - Oracle Analytics always uses the login name and password you provide for the connection. Users aren’t prompted to log in.
    • Require users to enter their own credentials - Oracle Analytics prompts users to enter their own user name and password for the data source. Users can only access the data for which they have the permissions, privileges, and role assignments.
    • (Displayed if Oracle Analytics supports impersonation for this database type) Use the active user’s credentials - Oracle Analytics doesn't prompt users to sign in to access the data. The same credentials they used to sign in to Oracle Analytics are also used to access this data source.
  7. Save the details.
    You can now create datasets from the connection.