Create Connections to Google Drive or Google Analytics

You can create connections to Google Drive or Google Analytics and use the connections to access data.

  1. If needed, set up an application in Google:
    1. Sign into your Google account, and go to the Developer’s Console.
    2. Create a project, then go to the API Manager Developers area of the Google APIs site and click Create app to create and save an application.
    3. Enable the application and create credentials for the application by accessing the Analytics API.
    4. Open the page displaying the credential information, and paste the redirect URL provided by Oracle Analytics, and copy the Client ID and Client secret.
      Read the Google documentation for more information about how to perform these tasks.
  2. On the Data or Home page, click Create, then click Connection to display the Create Connection dialog.
  3. Browse or search for the Google Drive or the Google Analytics icon, and then click the icon.
  4. Enter a connection name and the required connection information as described in this table.
    Field Description
    Redirect URL Confirm that the Google application is open and its Credentials area is displaying. Copy the URL in the Redirect URL field and paste it into the Google application’s Authorized redirect URIs field.
    Client ID Go to the Google application’s Credentials area, locate the Client ID field, and copy the key value. Go to Oracle Analytics and paste this value into the Client ID field.
    Client Secret Go to the Google application’s credential information, locate the Client secret field and copy the secret value. Go to Oracle Analytics and paste this value into the Client Secret field.
  5. Click Authorize.
  6. When prompted by Google to authorize the connection, click Allow.
    The Create Connection dialog refreshes and displays the name of the Google account, and its associated email account.
  7. Click Save.
    You can now create data sets from the Google Drive or Google Analytics connection. See Add a Spreadsheet from Dropbox or Google Drive.