Create Data Actions to Connect to External URLs from Visualization Canvases

You can use data actions to navigate to an external URL from a canvas so that when you select a column such as the supplier ID, it displays a specific external website.

  1. On the Home page, select a workbook, click the Actions menu, and then select Open.
  2. Click Menu and select Data Actions.
  3. Click Add Action and enter a name for the new navigation link.

    You can add multiple navigation links.

  4. Click the Type field and select URL Navigation.
  5. Click the Anchor To field and select the columns that you want the URL to apply to. If you don't specify a value for the Anchor To field, then the data action applies to all data elements in the visualizations.
  6. Enter a URL address and optionally include notation and parameters.

    For example, where${keyValuesForColumn:"COLUMN"} is displayed like${keyValuesForColumn:"Sales"."Products"."Brand"} The column names that you select here are replaced with values when you invoke the data action.

  7. Click Supports Multiple Selection to set the value.
    • On - The data action can be invoked when one or multiple data points are selected.
    • Off - The data action can only be invoked when a single data point is selected.

      This setting is particularly useful when the selection of multiple data points might result in an error (for example, with some third-party REST APIs).

  8. Click OK to save.
  9. In the Canvas, click a cell, or use Ctrl-click to select multiple cells.
  10. Right-click and select from the menu the navigation name that you created earlier.
    Selecting the cells determines the values to pass to the parameters (that is, the URL tokens).