Create a Data Flow

You can create a data flow from one or more data sets. With a data flow, you produce a curated data set that you can use to create meaningful visualizations.

  1. On the Home or Data page, click Create and select Data Flow.
  2. In the Add Data Set dialog, select a data set or data source and click Add.

    You can select an existing data set or click Create Data Set to create a new one based on a file, local subject area, or database connection.

    In the data flow editor, you can add more data sources at any time by clicking Add Step (+), then clicking Add Data.
  3. In the Add Data pane, configure your data. For example, you can:
    • Replace the selected data set (click the data source name next to Add Data -).
    • Include or exclude columns.
    • Rename columns.
    • Prompt for a data source when the data flow is executed (using the When Run Prompt to select Data Set option).
  4. Build your data flow:
    • For each function that you want to perform, click Add a step (+), click the step type you want, then specify the properties in the Step editor pane.

      Tip: Hover over the last step to display the Add a step (+) option. You can also edit your flow and add steps using Options in the Column header. For example, you can rename, reformat, merge, or transform columns.

    • To remove a step, hover over the step and click X or right-click the step and click Delete. If you've invalidated part of the data flow by deleting a step you'll see a red X icon over the offending step.
    • To undo or redo an edit in a data flow that you haven't saved, go to the workflow diagram panel toolbar and click Undo Last Edit or Redo Last Edit.
    • At the end of your data flow, add a Save Data step and specify a meaningful name.
  5. Save your data flow.
    You can start the data flow now using the Run Data Flow option or later using the Data Flows panel on the Data page. If you run it now you can access the generated data set on the Data Sets panel on the Data page).

Zoom Controls in Data Flow Editor

The zoom controls help you increase or decrease the data flow diagram view and inspect the flow.

Use the zoom in button (+) or the zoom out button (-) in the data flow editor toolbar to reset the current zoom level. You can set the zoom level from 30 to 100. In the zoom controls, you can also insert a zoom level number or select a predefined level from the menu.

You can't see the Remove step and Add a step (+) icons when zoom level is below 100. Go to a step and right-click to select the Delete or Add step options.