Compose Data Sets from Analyses

You can build data sets from analyses created in other Oracle products such as Oracle Fusion Applications with Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence.

You must create an Oracle Applications connection before you can create an analysis data set.
  1. On the Home page click Create and click Data Set. In the Create Data Set dialog, select Create Connection and use the Create Connection dialog to create the connection for your data set.
  2. In the Data Set editor, select the Select an Analysis option to view, browse, and search the available analyses to use in your data set.
  3. Double-click an analysis to use it for your data set.
  4. You can also optionally perform the following steps:
    • Click Enter SQL to display the SQL Statement of the data set. View or modify the SQL statement in this field.
    • Click a column’s gear icon to modify its attributes, like data type and whether to treat the data as a measure or attribute.
    • Go to the Step editor at the top of the Data Set editor and click the last step in the Step editor to specify a description for the data set.
  5. Before saving the data set, go to the Name field and confirm its name. Click Add.
  6. In the Data Set page you can optionally view the column properties and specify their formatting. The column type determines the available formatting options.