Create a Dataset from an Essbase Connection

You can use an Essbase connection to create a dataset.


Essbase connections aren't available to create or include in a dataset with multiple tables.
Datasets that use Oracle Essbase connections aren't available for blending.
Before you create the dataset, confirm that the data source connection you need exists. See View Available Connections.
  1. On the Home page, click Create and then click Dataset.
  2. In the Create Dataset dialog, select the Essbase connection.
  3. In the Transform editor's Add Dataset step, double-click the Essbase cube that you want to use in the dataset.
  4. Optional: Select an Alias value.

    If you select an alias value other than the default, then values from the selected alias table are displayed in visualizations that use this Essbase dataset.

  5. Click Add to save the dataset and go to the Transform editor to transform and enrich the dataset's data.