Create a Dataset from a Subject Area in Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite

You can create a dataset from subject areas stored in an applications in Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite. For example, Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials with Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence.

When you drag and drop a subject area to the Join Diagram, by default Oracle Analytics doesn't include any columns in the dataset table. You must specify which columns to include in the table.
Oracle Analytics doesn't automatically join tables created from subject areas. You need to manually join these tables. See Understand Dataset Table Joins.
  1. On the Home page, click Create and then click Dataset.
  2. In the Create Dataset dialog, select a connection to the application you want to analyze. Oracle Applications connections have this icon: Icon for connections to Oracle Applications
  3. In the Dataset editor, go to the Connections pane and browse or search for a subject area.
  4. Drag and drop one or more subject areas to the Join Diagram.
  5. To add columns to a table, go to the Table Page Tabs, click a subject area table, and use the Transform Editor to specify which columns to include in the table. Click OK.
  6. In the Join Diagram, locate the table that you want to join, hover over it to select it, and then click and drag and drop it on to the table that you want to join it to. Open the Join editor to inspect or update the join type and conditions.
  7. Click Save Dataset.
  8. Change the default name "New Dataset" displayed top left.