Create and Customize an Essbase Cube in a Data Flow

Create an Essbase cube from a spreadsheet or database.

You can create Essbase cubes only for Oracle Analytics Cloud – Essbase. When selecting an Essbase connection for creating a cube, you might see remote connections to on-premises Oracle Essbase instances. You can't create a cube from data in on-premises Oracle Essbase instances.
Use the Create Essbase Cube step in the data flow editor.
  1. Click Add a step (+), and select Create Essbase Cube.
  2. In the Create Essbase Cube pane, specify the values for creating the cube such as connection and application name.
  3. To configure the input columns, do the following:
    1. Move the slider to enable the Customize Cube option.
    2. Select the number of rows you want to analyze and click Configure.
    3. Perform the following actions for each column in the Dimensions, Measure, and Skip sections:
      • Cut
      • Paste as Sibling
      • Paste as Child
      • Skip
      • Delete
      Section and Designation Type Cut Paste as Sibling Paste as Child Skip
      Dimension Header No No Yes No
      Dimension Yes Yes Yes Yes
      Generation Yes Yes Yes Yes
      Alias, Attribute, UDA Yes Yes No Yes
      Measure Header No No Yes No
      Measure Yes Yes Yes Yes
      Skip Header No No Yes No
      Skip Yes Yes No No
    4. Change the following column values:
      • Column name in the Data Elements column.
      • Designation type in the Treat As column.
  4. Select the When Run Prompt to specify Data Set option to apply parameters to change the default values when creating the Essbase cube.