Duplicate Data Sets

You can duplicate an uploaded data set that is listed in the Data Sets page to help you further curate (organize and integrate from various sources) data in projects.

For example, suppose an accounts team creates a specific preparation of a data set, and a marketing team wants to prepare the same data set but in a different way. The marketing team duplicates the data set for their own purposes.

  1. Go to the Data page and select Data Sets.

  2. Select a data set that you want to duplicate and click the Actions menu or right-click, then select Duplicate.

    • The duplication happens immediately.

    • The default name of the duplicated data set is <Data set>Copy.

    • If the data set name already exists, the new name is set to <Data set>Copy# in sequential order based on available names.

    • You can rename the duplicate data set by editing it in the Inspector dialog.

    • The user that duplicates the data set becomes the owner of the new data set.

    • Any user who can view a data set can also duplicate the data set.

    • All properties on the new data set, unless specifically stated, are reset (as if it’s a new data set). For example, ACL, certified, indexed, custom-attributes.

    • Data preparation changes made on the source are retained in the new data set.

    • Conformance rules on the source are retained in the new data set.