Edit the Column Properties

You can view and edit the properties of each column in the project’s Prepare canvas.

Column property changes aren’t affected by data transform changes. For example, if you’ve updated the name of a column after you use a data transform change on the same column, the name of the column is updated automatically.

You must select the Result step in the Preparation Script Panel to edit column properties in the properties pane or metadata view.

  1. Confirm that you’re working in the Prepare canvas of a project.
    If you’ve added more than one data set to the project, go to the tabs at the bottom of the window and select a data set in which you want to edit the column properties.
  2. In the Preparation Script Panel, select the Results step and do one of the following:
    1. In the Metadata view data panel or Data Panel, select a column.
      • In the properties pane, use the General tab to change the selected column properties such as Treat As and Data Type.
    2. Click the view selector list on the Metadata view data panel toolbar and select metadata view, then click a row in the Metadata view data panel.
      You see the properties that you can edit (such as Data Element, Data Type, and Aggregation) in the Preview data panel. Each row represents a column in the data set.
      • Click a data element and click a property you want to edit, then select an option. For example, you might change the aggregation type from Sum to Average.
      • Toggle the checkbox in the Hidden column to hide and unhide a data column in the data set.
    For each property change, a step is added to the Preparation Script Panel, alongside any data transformation changes you have applied to the data set using the column's Options menu or the Recommendation Panel.
  3. Click Apply Script in the Preparation Script Panel to apply the property changes to the data set.

The Hidden columns icon at the bottom of the window shows the number of hidden columns in the data set and is available for all views. You can click the Hidden columns icon to unhide one or all hidden columns.

You can also use the column menu options to hide a column. But you can only use the metadata view or Hidden columns icon to unhide a column.