Email a File of a Visualization, Canvas, or Story

You can email visualizations, canvases, or stories in formats like Powerpoint (PPTX), Acrobat (PDF), Image (PNG), CSV (data only), or Package (the whole project including connection credentials).

  1. Open the project, and on the Visualize or Narrate canvas, click the Export icon on the project toolbar, then click Email.
  2. Use the Format option to select the output format you want, and specify output options:
    • For Powerpoint (pptx), Acrobat (pdf), and Image (png) - Specify the file name, paper size, and orientation.

      When you email any of these visual formats, the visualization or pages are re-rendered based on the size and orientation you select. So if you're emailing a table, then your output file might not contain all of the table's rows and columns included in your visualization, canvas, or story.

    • For Data (csv) - Specify the output file name. This option only includes the data used in the project. The outputted file uses the data delimiter for your computer's locale. For example, if your locale is set to Brazil, then the delimiter for numeric decimals is a comma instead of a period, which is used when your locale is set to United States.
    • For Package (dva) - Specify whether to include project data, connection credentials,). To enable users to open the project DVA file without having to enter a password, click Include Connection Credentials and specify the password.
  3. Click Email.
    Your email client opens a new partially composed email with the .DVA file attached.