Filter Your Data in a Data Flow

You use filters to limit the amount of data included in the data flow output. For example, you might create a filter to limit sales revenue data to the years 2017 through 2019.

Use the Filter step in the data flow editor.
  1. Click Add a step (+), and select Filter.
  2. In the Filter pane, select the data element you want to filter:
    Field Description
    Add Filter (+) Select the data element you want to filter, in the Available Data dialog. Alternatively, click Data Elements in the Data Panel, and drag and drop a data element to the Filter pane.
    Filter fields Change the values, data or selection of the filter (for example, maximum and minimum range). Based on the data element, specific filter fields are displayed. You can apply multiple filters to a data element.
    Filter menu icon Select a function to clear the filter selection and disable or delete a filter.
    Filter pane menu icon Select a function to clear all filter selections, remove all filters, and auto-apply filters. You can select to add an expression filter.
    Add Expression Filter Select to add an Expression Filter. Click f(x), select a function type, and then double-click to add a function in the Expression field.

    Click Apply.

    Auto-Apply Filters Select an auto-apply option for the filters, such as Default (On).

    The data preview is updated using the applied filter.