Find Data, Projects, and Visualizations

This topic describes how you can search for items such as objects, projects, and columns.

How Is Data Indexed?

When you search or visualize data from the Home page, your results are determined by what information has been indexed.

Every two minutes, the system runs a process to index your saved objects, project content, and data set column information. The indexing process also updates the index file to reflect any objects, projects, or data sets that you deleted from your system so that these items are no longer displayed in your search results.

For all data sets, the column metadata is indexed. For example, column name, the data type used in the column, aggregation type, and so on. Column data is indexed for Excel spreadsheet, CSV, and TXT data set columns with 1,000 or fewer distinct rows. Note that no database column data is indexed and therefore that data isn’t available in your search results.

Search for Content

Use the search bar on the Home page to find items such as data sets, projects, and machine learning scripts.

  1. On the Home page, locate the search bar.
  2. Enter your search criteria. Note the following options:
    • Click in the search bar for a drop down list of all content types, such as project, report, and data set. Click a content type to add it to the search bar. Or below the search bar, click one of the search tags to add it to the search bar.
    • Build or modify a search tag by adding or removing other items.
    • Specify the full or partial name of what you're looking for. The search is case-insensitive.
    • To clear your search terms, in the search bar click X or select search tags and delete.
  3. In the search results, click an object to display it.

Search Tips

Use these tips to help you find your content.

  • Searching in Non-English Locales - When you enter criteria in the search field, what displays in the drop-down list of suggestions can differ depending upon your locale setting. For example, if you’re using an English locale and enter sales, then the drop-down list of suggestions contains items named sale and sales. However, if you’re using a non-English locale such as Korean and type sales, then the drop-down list of suggestions contains only items that are named sales and items such as sale aren’t included in the drop-down list of suggestions.
  • Searching for New Objects and Data - If you create or save a project or create a data set and then immediately try to search for it, then it’s likely that your search results won’t contain matches. If this happens, refresh your browser. If you still can't find the new object or data, then wait a few minutes for the indexing process to run, and retry your search. The system automatically runs the indexing process every two minutes. Users can access only the data they've been given permission to access.