Create a Group in a Data Flow

You can categorize non-numeric data into groups that you define. For example, you might put orders for lines of business Communication and Digital into a group named Technology, and orders for Games and Stream into a group named Entertainment.

Use the Group step in the data flow editor.
  1. Click Add a step (+), and select Group.
  2. For each group that you want to create, use the Group pane:
    1. Use the pop list of columns to select the column you'd like categorize. For example, to categorize orders by line of business, you might select LINE_OF_BUSINESS.
    2. (Optional) Click the group name to change the default name Group 1. For example, you might change Group 1 to Technology.
    3. (Optional ) In the Name field, change the default name of the new column from new_name1 to a more meaningful name.
    4. In the center box, select one of more categories to add to the group. For example, to analyze line of business you might put Communication and Digital in a group named Technology.
      In the Preview Data pane, you'll see a new column with the groups that you defined displayed as the value for each row. For example, values might be Technology or Entertainment.
  3. To add more groups, click Group (+).