Include a Dataset Table in Data Source Queries

Oracle Analytics generates source-specific optimized queries for each visualization. During this process, a dataset is treated as a data model in that only the tables needed to satisfy a visualization are used in the query.

However, there are scenarios where you may want to use a table in the query even if the table isn't queried in the visualization. In these scenarios, you can set the table to Always Include in Query. For example, you may want to see only Sales where a product is associated but the visualization is based on only Customer and Sales. Or you may want to apply a date filter to all visualizations in a workbook.
Oracle Analytics prunes any of the dataset's tables not used in the visualization or not specified to be included in the query.
  1. On the Home page, click Navigator and then click Data.
  2. Click the Datasets tab.
  3. Locate the dataset that you want to open, click Actions, and then click Open.
  4. In the Join Diagram locate the table, right-click, and select Always Include in Query.

  5. Click Save Dataset.