Add a Join in a Data Flow

When you add data from multiple data sources to your data flow, you can join them on a common column. For example, you might join an Orders data set to a Customer_orders data set using a customer ID field.

When you use the Add Data step to add an extra data source, a Join step is automatically added to your data flow. But you can also manually add a Join step if you have more than one data source defined in your data flow.
Use the Join step in the data flow editor.
  1. Add the data sources you'd like to join.
  2. Select a data source, click Add a step, then click Join.
    You'll see a suggested connection with a node on the connection line.
    Node icon to connect two data sources.
  3. Click the node on the connection line to complete the connection.
  4. Use the options on the Join pane to configure your step.
    Field Description
    Keep rows Use these options to specify how you want to join your data. Click an option to preview your merged data (if you're displaying the Data Preview pane).
    Match columns Specify the common field on which you'd like to join the data sources.