Manage Your Data Flows

Manage your data flows on the Data Flows page.

From the Home page, click Navigator, then Data, then Data Flows. Hover over a data flow and use the Actions menu to access the options described in the table below.
Option Description
Run Execute the data flow.

Open/Open in a New Tab

Open the data flow for editing.

New schedule

Execute the data flow regularly.


View general information about the data flow, such as the source and target data, when the flow was last executed, scheduled executions, and execution history.


Export a data flow project with its dependent data and credentials as a .DVA file to the download folder of your machine. Use the export and import options to migrate data flow projects from one system to another or back up your data flow projects.

To import a data flow project that you've downloaded, on the Data Flows page, click Page Menu, then click Import Project/Flow. Follow the on-screen instructions to select a local .DVA file to import.


Remove the data flow from your system.