Modify Parameter Prompts When You Run a Data Flow

Parameter prompts are displayed before the job runs, when you run a data flow with parameter prompts. Prompts allow you to review the default values or settings and to select or define an alternate value or setting.

  1. Go to the Data page and click Data Flows to select the data flow with parameter prompts that you want to run.
  2. Click the data flow’s Actions menu or right-click and select Run.
  3. In the Data Flow Prompt dialog, either use the default values or define alternate values.
    • In the Sources section, click the default Target - existing data set name, then select a new source data set in the Add Data Set dialog. Click Add.
    • In the Targets section, do one of the following:
      • Change the default Target - existing data set name.
      • For a data flow with Create Essbase Cube step, change the default Target - Application and Target - Cube names.
  4. Click OK.