Run a Data Flow

Run (that is, execute) a data flow to produce a data set that you can use to create visualizations.

To successfully run a data flow, it must be free of validation errors.
  1. Create or open the data flow that you want to execute and produce a data set from.
  2. Click Run Data Flow to execute the data flow. If there is no validation error, a completion message is displayed.

    When you execute a data flow without saving it, the data flow isn’t saved and isn't displayed in the Data Flows list. Therefore, the data flow isn’t available for you to modify or run.

    Go to the Data page and select Data Sets to see your resulting data set in the list.
  3. Click Save or Save As. In the Save Data Flow As dialog enter a Name and Description to identify your data flow.
    Go to the Data page and select Data Flows to see your resulting data flow in the list.