Synchronize Visualizations in a Project

You can specify whether or not to synchronize Visualizations in a canvas.

You use the Synchronize Visualizations setting to specify how the visualizations on your canvas interact. By default, visualizations are linked for automatic synchronization. You can deselect Synchronize Visualizations to unlink your visualizations and turn automatic synchronization off.

When Synchronize Visualizations is on (selected), then all filters on the filter bar and actions that create filters (such as Drill) apply to:

  • All the visualizations in a project with a single data set.

  • All the visualizations of joined data sets with multiple data sets.

    If a data element from a data set is specified as a filter but isn't matched with the joined data sets, then the filter only applies to the visualization of the data set that it was specified for.

When you hover the mouse pointer over a visualization to see the filters applied to the visualization, any filter that isn't applied to the visualization is grayed out.

Any visualization-level filters are applied only to the visualization.

When Synchronize Visualizations is off (deselected), then analytic actions such as Drill affect the visualization to which you applied the action.