Add a Time Series Forecast to a Data Flow

You can calculate forecasted values by applying a Time Series Forecast calculation.

A forecast takes a time column and a target column from a given data set and calculates forecasted values for the target column and puts the values in a new column. All additional columns are used to create groups. For example, if an additional column 'Department' with values 'Sales', 'Finance', and 'IT' is present, the forecasted values of the target column are based on the past values of the given group. Multiple columns with diverse values lead to a large number of groups that affect the precision of the forecast. Select only columns that are relevant to the grouping of the forecast.
Use a Time Series Forecast step in the data flow editor.
  1. Click Add a step (+), and select Time Series Forecast.
  2. In the Time Series Forecast pane and Output section, specify an output column for the forecasted value.
  3. In the Time Series Forecast pane, configure your forecast calculation:
    Field Description
    Target Select a data column with historical values.
    Time Select a column with date information. Forecasted values use a daily grain.
    Periods Select the value that indicates how many periods (days) are forecasted per group.