Transform Data in a Data Flow

You can use a data flow to transform data. For example, you might convert text to uppercase or trim leading and trailing spaces from data.

You can quickly transform the data in a column by using the Options column menu in Data Preview. For example, you might choose Convert to Number, Uppercase, or Trim. The list of available menu options for a column depends on the type of data in that column. Use transform options to:
  • Update or modify the data in a column.
  • Group or merge multiple columns in a data set.
  • Add a column to or remove a column from a data set.
Use the Transform Column step in the data flow editor.
  1. To add a data transform step, do one of the following:
    • Click Add a step (+), select Transform Column, then select a column.
    • Drag and drop the Transform Column step from the Data Flow Steps panel to the workflow diagram panel and select a column.
    • Select a column in the Preview data panel and click Options, then select a transform option, for example, Uppercase, or Trim. See Column Menu Options for Quick Data Transformations.
  2. In the Step editor pane, compose an expression or update the fields to configure the changes. You can review the changes in the Preview data panel.
    If you’re composing an expression, do the following:
    • Click Validate to check if the syntax is correct.
    • If the expression is valid, click Apply to transform the column data.