Transform Reference

Find out about the data transform options that you can access in the transform editor by right-clicking on a dataset column. For example, to categorize racing lap times in a dataset column, you might right-click the 'Lap Time' column and select Bin.

Option Description
Bin Creates your own custom groups for number ranges. For example, you can create bins for an Age column with age ranges binned into Pre-Teen, Young Adult, Adult, or Senior based on custom requirements.
Convert to Date Changes the data type of the column to date and deletes any values that aren’t dates from the column.
Convert to Number Changes the data type of the column to number, which deletes any values that aren't numbers from the column.
Convert to Text Changes the data type of a column to text.
Create Creates a column based on a function.
Duplicate Creates a column with identical content of the selected column.
Edit Edits the column. For example, you can change the name, select another column, or update functions.
Group, Conditional Group Select Group to create your own custom groups. For example, you can group States together with custom regions, and you can categorize dollar amounts into groups indicating small, medium, and large.
Hide Hides the column in the Data Panel and in the visualizations. If you want to see the hidden columns, click Hidden columns (ghost icon) on the page footer. You can then unhide individual columns or unhide all the hidden columns at the same time.
Log Calculates the natural logarithm of an expression.
Lowercase Updates the contents of a column with the values all in lowercase letters.
Power Raises the values of a column to the power that you specify. The default power is 2.
Rename Allows you to change the name of any column.
Replace Changes specific text in the selected column to any value that you specify. For example, you can change all instances of Mister to Mr. in the column.
Sentence Case Updates the contents of a column to make the first letter of the first word of a sentence uppercase.
Split Splits a specific column value into parts. For example, you can split a column called, Name, into first and last name.
Square Root Creates a column populated with the square root of the value in the column selected.
Uppercase Updates the contents of a column with the values in all uppercase letters.