Merge Rows in a Data Flow

You can merge the rows of two data sources (known as a UNION command in SQL terminology).

Before you merge the rows, do the following:

  • Confirm that each data set has the same number of columns.
  • Check that the data types of the corresponding columns of the data sets match. For example, column 1 of data set 1 must have the same data type as column 1 of data set 2.
Use the Union Rows step in the data flow editor.
  1. In your data flow, add the data sources you want to merge.
    For example, you might add data sets named Order and Orders.
  2. On one of the data sources, click Add a step (+) and select Union Rows.
    You'll see a suggested connection with a node on the connection line.
    Node icon to connect two data sources.
  3. Click the node on the connection line to complete the connection.
  4. Use the options on the Union Rows pane to configure your step.
    Field Description
    Keep Use these options to specify how you want to join your data. Click an option to display an explanatory diagram and preview your merged data (if you're displaying the Data Preview pane).