Use Different Map Backgrounds in a Workbook

As an author you can use different map backgrounds in map visualizations.

Here is an example of how you might use a map background in a workbook.
  1. On the Home page click Create, then click Workbook.
  2. Select a dataset in the Add Dataset dialog.
  3. Click Add to Workbook.
    The Workbook pane and list of Data Elements is displayed.
  4. Select a map-related data element (for example, click City), and click Pick Visualization.
  5. Select Map from the list of available visualizations.
    Either the default map background or an existing Oracle map background if no default is set is displayed.
  6. In the visualization properties pane, select the Map tab.
  7. Click the Background Map value and select a map from the drop-down list.
    For example, select Google Maps and Google Maps as the map background is displayed.
  8. Optional: Click another value to change the type of map (such as Satellite, Road, Hybrid, or Terrain).
  9. Optional: Click Manage Map Backgrounds from the Background Map options to display the Map Backgrounds pane.
    Use this option to maintain the map backgrounds that you want to use.