What Are Parameters?

A parameter functions as a user-defined variable that holds and manages a current value or values that you want to use in multiple places in a workbook. Use parameters to dynamically manipulate the workbook's data.

You can use parameters:
  • In workbooks and visualizations as column selectors
  • In workbook titles and visualization labels
  • In expression filters
  • In workbook, dashboard, and visualization filters.
  • In calculations
  • In Logical SQL expressions
  • In a visualization's properties
  • In data actions

When you create a parameter, you can specify a value that Oracle Analytics uses to initialize the parameter's current value. You can specify a list of available and initial values for a parameter by manually entering the values or using a Logical SQL query.

A parameter's scope is only within the workbook where you define it. You can't share parameters with other workbooks.