Certification - Identity Servers and Access

Here're the identity servers supported by the latest update of Oracle Analytics Server.

Supported Identity Servers

Product Version Provider Additional Information
Microsoft Active Directory 2016 Active Directory Authenticator -
Microsoft Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services 2016 Active Directory Authenticator -
Open LDAP 2.4+

Open LDAP Authenticator

Oracle Access Manager 11+, 12.2+

Oracle Access Manager Asserter

Oracle Access Manager is a supported SSO provider. It isn't a supported identity provider.

Oracle Identity Cloud Service -

Oracle Identity Cloud Integrator

Oracle Identity Cloud Service is a supported identity provider and supported SSO provider.

Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition 11+

iPlanet Authenticator

Oracle Internet Directory 11+, 12+

Oracle Internet Directory Authenticator

Oracle Unified Directory 11+ iPlanet Authenticator -