About Managing Processes

System administrators start and stop system and component processes to perform a range of maintenance operations that require process downtime.

Understanding the state (that is, up, down, starting, and stopping) of each component in the system is an essential activity when diagnosing and resolving availability and performance issues, and when performing life-cycle and management operations. See Diagnose and Resolve Issues.

Oracle Analytics Server runs within Oracle WebLogic Server, and therefore Oracle WebLogic Server must be started before Oracle Analytics Server components can be started and maintained.

To make changes to server configuration settings, the Presentation Catalog, the semantic model (.rpd file offline), and other settings, you must restart the appropriate components before those changes can take effect.

When you stop the system, end users are logged out, and when ready, the system prompts you to log in again, ensuring session state consistency.

For information about the installed components, see Oracle Analytics Server Components.