About the Scripts for Managing Service Instances

You can use the scripts listed here to manage a service instance in a domain.

A service instance contains all of the Oracle Analytics Server metadata (that is, semantic model data, presentation catalog, security policy), and includes the customizations that you make to the metadata.

Use the following scripts located in user_projects/domains/bi/bitools/bin.

Command Description
datamodel.sh|cmd Use this script to download the semantic model from a BAR archive file for a service instance.
diagnostic_dump.sh|cmd Use this script to collect diagnostic bundles needed by Oracle Support to help resolve issues.
exportarchive.sh|cmd Use this script to export the metadata of your environment in the form of a BAR archive file.
grantPermissionSetsToBIRole.sh|cmd and revokePermissionSetsFromBIRole.sh|cmd Use these scripts to make any adjustments to permissions for application roles.
importarchive.sh|cmd Use this script to import an exported BAR archive file to replace metadata in the target environment.
runcat.sh|cmd Use this script to start the catalog manager command line interface.
jobmanager.sh|cmd Use this script to start the job manager command line interface.
start.sh|cmd Use this script to start all component processes in a domain.
status.sh|cmd Use this script to view the status of component processes in a domain.
stop.sh|cmd Use this script to stop all component processes in a domain.
sync_midtier_db.sh|cmd Use this script to re-synchronize connection details to the mid-tier database when connection details are changed.

On Linux you perform this on the primary host.

On Windows you perform this on every host.

Assumptions for all scripts against service instances and BAR files:

  • You must have file system (offline) permissions.

  • You run the scripts offline.

  • You must start your system after making changes to service instances through scripts.