Troubleshoot a Fusion Middleware Control Clustered Environment

Use Fusion Middleware Control and the Administration Console to check the status of system processes.

See Use Fusion Middleware Control to View System Component Availability and Use the Administration Console to View Managed Server Availability.

After you enable clustering, load balancing, and failover capabilities, you can troubleshoot issues that might occur in the deployment using the following:

  • Messages and errors that are reported in Fusion Middleware Control

  • Log files for Fusion Middleware Control components, also available through Fusion Middleware Control

Review the log files for every Fusion Middleware Control system component in the cluster. Log files record any client-side failures that might occur due to an incorrect configuration. Although some failover events aren't logged, the Cluster Controller log file records crashes of any Oracle BI Scheduler or Oracle BI Server component. You can also review the Event Viewer log on Windows and the syslog on Linux.

See Diagnose and Resolve Issues.

Avoid Errors with Network Appliance Devices When the Oracle BI Server Is Running on Linux

The following information applies to deployments with Oracle BI Server components on Linux platforms that access Oracle Analytics Server shared files and directories on a NAS device from Network Appliance.

For environments with Oracle BI Server components on Linux that use the NTFS security style, the recommended Network Appliance Data ONTAP storage operating system version is 6.3.1 or later.

Linux computers saving to an NTFS qtree in Data ONTAP versions 6.0.3 through 6.3 might see permission errors when trying to save designs. Use the following Data ONTAP setting to silently ignore attempts to set permissions on NTFS qtrees after the design file is saved:

options cifs.ntfs_ignore_unix_security_ops on