Upload Custom Scripts for Machine Learning and Data Curation

You can upload custom scripts to Data Visualization to use with machine learning.
  1. In the Home page, click Create, then click Script to display the Add Script dialog.


    You must be an administrator to upload scripts. If you're an administrator and you can't see the Script button, it means that this option is currently disabled for your instance.
  2. Complete one of the following tasks in the Add Script dialog to choose a custom script that you want to add to Data Visualization.
    • Click the link to browse and select a custom script.
    • Drag and drop a custom script to the Add Script dialog.
    A preview of the selected custom script is displayed in the Add Script dialog.

    You can preview custom script details and update some display information before you upload it to Data Visualization.

  3. (Optional) View or edit the Name and Description of the custom script.
  4. (Optional) Click Change file if you want to choose a different custom script to upload.
  5. (Optional) Display tabs to preview additional read-only information about the custom script.
    For example:
    • Click Parameters to view the parameters used in this custom script.
    • Click Inputs to view the inputs used in this custom script.
    • Click Outputs to view the outputs used in this custom script.
  6. Click OK to upload the custom script to Data Visualization.
The uploaded custom script is now available for use and is displayed in the Scripts tab on the Machine Learning page. The script is also available in the data flow editor when you add a Apply Custom Script step to a flow.