Define Currency Formats

Currency formats defined in the Administration Runtime Configuration page are applied at the system level. Currency formats can also be applied at the report level.

The report-level settings take precedence over the system-level settings here.

Understand Currency Formats

The Currency Formats tab enables you to map a number format mask to a specific currency so that your reports can display multiple currencies with their own corresponding formatting. Currency formatting is only supported for RTF and XSL-FO templates.

To apply currency formats in the RTF template, use the format-currency function.

To add a currency format:

  1. Click the Add icon.
  2. Enter the ISO currency code, for example: USD, JPY, EUR, GBP, INR.
  3. Enter the format mask to apply for this currency.

    The Format Mask must be in the Oracle number format. The Oracle number format uses the components "9", "0", "D", and "G" to compose the format, for example: 9G999D00


    9 represents a displayed number only if present in data

    G represents the group separator

    D represents the decimal separator

    0 represents an explicitly displayed number regardless of incoming data

The figure below shows sample currency formats.