Oracle Analytics Data Modeling Tools

Oracle Analytics offers several data modeling tools that you can use to create enterprise semantic models and self-service datasets.

Use this topic to learn the differences between the data modeling tools and which tool to use based on what you want to create.

Tool Use to create Description
Semantic Modeler Governed data models

A browser-based modeling tool that developers use for creating, building, and deploying the semantic model to an .rpd file. The Semantic Modeler editor is a fully-integrated Oracle Analytics component.

Because the Semantic Modeler generates Semantic Model Markup Language (SMML) to define semantic models. developers have the choice of using the Semantic Model editor, the native SMML editor, or another editor to develop semantic models. Semantic Modeler provides full Git integration to support multi-user development.

You can use the Semantic Modeler to create semantic models from the data sources that it supports. Use the Model Administration Tool to create semantic models from data sources that Semantic Modeler doesn't support.

See What Is Oracle Analytics Semantic Modeler? and Supported Data Sources.

Model Administration Tool

Administration Tool

Oracle BI Administration Tool

Governed data models

A mature, longstanding, heavyweight, developer-focused modeling tool that provides complete governed data modeling capabilities. Developers use the Model Administration Tool to define rich business semantics, data governance, and data interaction rules to fetch, process, and present data at different granularity from disparate data systems.

Oracle recommends that you use Semantic Modeler to create semantic models from the data sources Semantic Modeler supports, and that you use Model Administration Tool to create semantic models from any data source that Semantic Modeler doesn’t support.

See About Creating Semantic Models with Model Administration Tool and Supported Data Sources.

The Model Administration Tool is a Windows-based application that isn't integrated into the Oracle Analytics interface. You download the Model Administration Tool and install it onto and use it from your computer.

If you previously modeled your business data with Oracle BI Enterprise Edition, you don't have to start from scratch in Oracle Analytics. You can use the Model Administration Tool to upload a complete semantic model .rpd file to Oracle Analytics Server and immediately start using your subject areas in visualizations, dashboards, and analyses.

Optionally, can use the Model Administration Tool to download, edit, and upload your semantic model .rpd files to Oracle Analytics.

Data Model Editor

(For Pixel-Perfect Reports)

XML data structure for Pixel-Perfect Reports The Data Model editor enables you to combine data from multiple datasets into a single XML data structure for pixel-perfect reports.

See Build Data Models for Pixel-Perfect Reports.

Dataset Editor Self-service data models

A user-friendly data modeling and data preparation tool that data analysts and business analysts use to create datasets containing multiple tables with joins. A dataset can contain data from local and remote files, including more than 50 connections and subject areas.

The Dataset editor is available from the Oracle Analytics interface and enables business users to create self-service data models on top of existing governed semantic models.

See What Are Datasets?