All Outputs Properties

The properties in the table below apply to all outputs.

Property Name Description Default

Use compatibility mode

Reserved. Don't update unless instructed by Oracle.

Ignore case for catalog object path Specifies whether to ignore the case of the catalog object path while locating a catalog object. False
Allow fallback to seeded report Specifies whether to fallback on or to skip execution of the corresponding seeded report (pre-defined report) when you don’t have permission to run the custom report. When set to true and the user doesn’t have permission to run the custom report, the corresponding seeded report executes. When set to false, you get an error when the custom report execution fails. True
Webservice optimization When set to true, Publisher caches the report definition and avoids multiple requests to the catalog when the same report runs multiple times within a short interval of time. Caching helps to improve the system performance. True