Excel Output Properties

You can set specific properties to control Excel output.

Property Name Description Default

Show grid lines

Set to true to show the Excel table grid lines in the report output.


Page break as a new sheet

Set to "True" if you want a page break specified in the report template to generate a new sheet in the Excel workbook.


Minimum column width

Set the coulmn width in points. When the column width is less than the specified minimum and it contains no data, the column is merged with the preceding column. The valid range for this property is 0.5 to 20 points.

3 (in points, 0.04 inch)

Minimum row height

Set the row height in points. When the row height is less than the specified minimum and it contains no data, the row is removed. The valid range for this property is 0.001 to 5 points.

1 (in points, 0.01 inch)

Keep values in same column

Set this property to True to minimize column merging. Column width is set based on column contents using the values supplied in the Table Auto Layout property. Output may not appear as neatly laid out as when using the original layout algorithm.


Table Auto Layout

Specify a conversion ratio in points and a maximum length in points, for example 6.5,150. See example.

For this property to take effect, the property "Keep values in same column" must be set to True.

This property expands the table column width to fit the contents. The column width is expanded based on the character count and conversion ratio up to the maximum specification.

Example: Assume a report with two columns of Excel data -- Column 1 contains a text string that's 18 characters and Column 2 is 30 characters long. When the value of this property is set to 6.5,150, the following calculations are performed:

Column 1 is 18 characters:

Apply the calculation: 18 * 6.5pts = 117 pts

The column in the Excel output will be 117 pts wide.

Column 2 is 30 characters:

Apply the calculation: 30 * 6.5 pts = 195 pts

Because 195 pts is greater than the specified maximum of 150, Column 2 will be 150 pts wide in the Excel output.


Maximum allowable nested table row count

Specify the maximum allowable row count for a nested table. Allowed values are 15000 to 999,999.

During report processing, nested inner table rows cannot be flushed to the XLSX writer, therefore they stay in-memory, increasing memory consumption. Set this limit to avoid out-of-memory exceptions. When this limit is reached for the size of the inner table, generation is terminated. The incomplete XLSX output file is returned.


Open password

Use this property to specify the password that report users must provide to open any XLSX output file.

Configuration name: xlsx-open-password


Enable row split

Set to "true" to avoid stretching a row to a large height, and allow the row to be split into multiple rows.