To create a PDF template, take an existing PDF document and apply the Publisher markup.

Because you can use a PDF from any source, you have multiple design options. For example:

  • Design the template using any application that generates documents that can be converted to PDF, such as Microsoft Word

  • Scan a paper document to use as a template

  • Download a PDF document from a third-party website


The steps required to create a template from a third-party PDF depend on whether form fields have been added to the document. For more information, see Create a Layout from a Predefined PDF Form.

If you are designing the template, then when you've converted to PDF, the template is treated like a set background. When you mark up the template, you draw fields on top of this background. To edit the template, you must edit the original document and then convert back to PDF.

For this reason, the PDF template isn't recommended for documents that require frequent updates. However, it's appropriate for forms that have a fixed template, such as invoices or purchase orders.