RTF Output Properties

You can configure RTF output with a number of predetermined properties.

Set the properties described in the table below to configure RTF output.

Property Name Description Default Internal Name

Enable change tracking

Set to "true" to enable change tracking in the output RTF document. false rtf-track-changes

Protect document for tracked changes

Set to "true" to protect the document for tracked changes. false rtf-protect-document-for-tracked-changes

Default font

Use this property to define the font style and size in RTF output when no other font has been defined. This is particularly useful to control the sizing of empty table cells in generated reports. Enter the font name and size in the following format <FontName>:<size> for example: Arial:12. Note that the font you choose must be available to the Publisher processing engine at runtime. Arial:12 rtf-output-default-font
Enable widow orphan Set to "true" to ensure that there're no hanging paragraphs in the document. If the last para in a page contains an orphaned line and the remaining lines of the paragraph continue in the next page, the starting line of the paragraph is moved to the next page to keep the lines of the paragraph together for better readability. false rtf-enable-widow-orphan