What is a Subtemplate?

A subtemplate is a piece of formatting functionality that can be defined once and used multiple times within a single layout template or across multiple layout template files.

This piece of formatting can be in an RTF file format or an XSL file format. RTF subtemplates are easy to design as you can use Microsoft Word native features. XSL subtemplates can be used for complex layout and data requirements.

Some common uses for subtemplates include:

  • Reusing a common layout or component (such as a header, footer, or address block)

  • Handling parameterized layouts

  • Handling dynamic or conditional layouts

  • Handling lengthy calculations or reusing formulae

About RTF Subtemplates

An RTF subtemplate is an RTF file that consists of one or more <?template:?> definitions, each containing a block of formatting or commands.

This RTF file, when uploaded to Publisher as a subtemplate object in the Catalog, can be called from within another RTF Template.

About XSL Subtemplates

An XSL subtemplate is an XSL file that contains formatting or processing commands in XSL for the Publisher formatting engine to execute. Use an XSL template to include complex calculations or formatting instructions not supported by the RTF standard.

This XSL file, when uploaded to Publisher as a Subtemplate object in the Catalog, can be called from within an RTF Template.