Migrating from Oracle Business Intelligence 12c

If you want to use a new server, or change the operating system, or use a newer version of operating system for Oracle Analytics Server, install Oracle Analytics Server in the new server, and migrate your metadata and configuration from Oracle Business Intelligence 12c environment to Oracle Analytics Server.

Choose the correct metadata export script depending on the release of the source Oracle Business Intelligence 12c system.

When you perform an out-of-place migration from a source Oracle Business Intelligence 12c system, you export a BAR file from the source system, and then restore the content of the BAR file in the target Oracle Analytics Server system. After you restore the BAR file in your target system, you must explicitly add additional application policies to your Administrator application role so that you can perform administrative tasks in Oracle Analytics Server.

To review your application roles and polices, see Manage Application Roles. To see the permission sets available in Oracle Analytics Server or to change any of these default assignments, see Grant or Revoke Permissions Assignments.

Creating the Export Bundle from Oracle Business Intelligence

This topic describes the steps to create a export bundle from Oracle Business Intelligence release. If you want to export metadata from other 12c releases, use the corresponding command to create the export bundle.

To create export bundle from Oracle Business Intelligence release:
  1. In your system, navigate to:
    • (Linux) 12c_DOMAIN_HOME/bitools/bin/
    • (Windows) 12c_DOMAIN_HOME\bitools\bin\
  2. Run and view the exportarchive command help:
    • (Linux) exportarchive.sh -help
    • (Windows) exportarchive.cmd -help
    Note that the service instance key and the export directory are mandatory arguments.
  3. Generate the export bundle (BAR file). for example, run the following command to generate the export bundle and save the export bundle in the temp directory. The default service key name is ssi.
    • (Linux) ./exportarchive.sh ssi /temp
    • (Windows) exportarchive.cmd ssi /temp

Upload and Restore the Export Bundle in Oracle Analytics Server

This topic describes the steps to upload the export bundle from Oracle Business Intelligence 12c and to restore the exported metadata in Oracle Analytics Server.

To upload and restore the export bundle in Oracle Analytics Server:
  1. In Oracle Analytics Server Home page, click the Navigator and select Console, and then click Snapshots.
  2. Click the Page menu Page menu , select Migrate, and then click Upload Snapshot.
  3. Use Browse to locate the export bundle that you want to upload.
    Select the BAR file (.bar) that contains your Oracle Business Intelligence metadata.
  4. Enter the snapshot password.
    This is the password that you specify whenever you download a snapshot to your local file system.
  5. Select the snapshot that you want to use to restore in your system.
  6. Click Snapshot ActionsSnapshot Actions and click Restore.
  7. In the Restore Snapshot dialog, select only those elements you want to restore.
  8. Click Restore.